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Healthy Eating

Super Fast, Super Tasty!

I made this delicious and super healthy meal in 5 minutes. An amazing bariatric recipe, or high-protein, post-workout meal!

1 chicken breast (light soy sauce) on Foreman grill
Baby broccoli (2 minutes in microwave–covered)
Serve on bed of arugula and cherry tomatoes
Lemon juice and hot sauce to taste

How To Lose Weight On the Road

How To Lose Weight On the Road

Many of our patients travel extensively, either for work, or because they are super cool and have free time with disposable income. Our patients that are on the road for work struggle with healthy food choices, and figuring out what to do at business meetings or in foreign countries.

I just got back from my first official vacation in 3 years, and, while on that trip, I did an experiment to see if I could make healthy choices while away from home…

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator for adults
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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator for adults

Child BMI calculator is only valid for children between 2 and 20 years.