No one gets rewarded from a cheat day

No one gets rewarded from a cheat day

I need help! Under the auspices of having some shelf stable snacks for hiking, I bought a box of chocolate hazelnut-filled energy bars. Each one has 230 calories and, though touted as being organic and having a low glycemic index, each bar has 27 grams of carbohydrate. They looked so innocent sitting on the shelf in the supermarket. I rationalized that I would only be using them for serious hikes, and not as daily snacks.

I ate the first one while I was still shopping—because I went to the grocery store hungry.

I ate the second one in the car on the way home—wow, these are really good!

I ate a third one after dinner that night—I had not yet gone hiking, and I was already up 690 calories for the day.