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No one gets rewarded from a cheat day

No one gets rewarded from a cheat day

I need help! Under the auspices of having some shelf stable snacks for hiking, I bought a box of chocolate hazelnut-filled energy bars. Each one has 230 calories and, though touted as being organic and having a low glycemic index, each bar has 27 grams of carbohydrate. They looked so innocent sitting on the shelf in the supermarket. I rationalized that I would only be using them for serious hikes, and not as daily snacks.

I ate the first one while I was still shopping—because I went to the grocery store hungry.

I ate the second one in the car on the way home—wow, these are really good!

I ate a third one after dinner that night—I had not yet gone hiking, and I was already up 690 calories for the day.

Dr. Matt Metz was named the first surgeon in the State of Colorado to use the Reshape Dual Balloon!

Dr. Matt Metz was named the first surgeon in the State of Colorado to use the Reshape Dual Balloon!

Dr. Matt Metz was named the first surgeon in the State of Colorado to use the Reshape Dual Balloon! A non-surgical weight loss procedure, Dr. Metz has already begun implanting the balloons. The intra-gastric balloon is a same-day procedure, and is inserted via an endoscope, under sedation, without any incisions.

All patients receive personalized screening and evaluation, then a full year of personal support and coaching, following the procedure…

Super Fast, Super Tasty!

I made this delicious and super healthy meal in 5 minutes. An amazing bariatric recipe, or high-protein, post-workout meal!

1 chicken breast (light soy sauce) on Foreman grill
Baby broccoli (2 minutes in microwave–covered)
Serve on bed of arugula and cherry tomatoes
Lemon juice and hot sauce to taste



Walks can be pleasant, peaceful, memorable, and inspiring. But reaching one’s target heart rate can be very challenging on most flat terrain without moving at an extremely difficult pace. The next time you’re out for a leisurely stroll, and you’d like to burn some extra calories, try a little bit of the following:

As always, you must have clearance from your doctor (not me!) prior to attempting any of these exercises.

Before embarking on your “Rambo Walk,” please warmup appropriately (refer to earlier blog entry on warmup routines)…

Balloon Technology is Here!

Balloon Technology is Here!

Many of you have asked about the stomach balloon technology that has been all a-buzz in the media lately. I have recently begun collecting names of patients that are interested in these advanced devices. I perform the procedures under conscious sedation (no general anesthetic), through the mouth (no incisions, no scars). Using an endoscope, I insert a shaped balloon into the stomach, and inflate it to a certain amount that reduces hunger, and increases fullness.

The balloons are temporary, and must be removed 6 months after insertion, also with an endoscope, and also under sedation, without general anesthetic. Patients go home the same day in both cases, and have been shown to achieve as much as 40% excess weight loss in some studies…

Bariatric Coverage for All Who Qualify!

I’m so fortunate to have been invited to participate in the Access to Care meeting for State Chapters of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Our group is hard at work to improve access to bariatric benefits for folks without insurance coverage for weight loss therapies . I will keep you all posted, and I really appreciate your support as I help represent this region of the United States!